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Photo ©Ivan Murzin 2015

Born in Damascus, Syria, in 1977, Sulafa Hijazi is a Berlin-based director and interdisciplinary artist.

She studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Syria, majoring in dramatic studies, and at the Städelschule Contemporary Fine Art Academy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

With a background in theater, animation, conceptual art, and films, she has created a diverse range of work that intersects various media and digital technologies, including multimedia installations, augmented reality, digital illustrations, lenticular prints, and animated films, as well as participatory and edutainment projects.

The uprising and war in Syria, along with Hijazi's experience of exile, have had a profound impact on her work. Her art explores the concept of collective and individual identities and their connection to diverse themes, including politics, place, heritage, religion, and digital technologies.

Hijazi's art practice intersects with edutainment projects for children and young adults with the aim of critiquing, challenging, and moving beyond traditional education models.

Hijazi's edutainment and animation projects have been featured in national and international festivals, receiving several awards, including the Golden/Best Animation award in Hollywood, Russia, India, Cairo, and Iran for her feature animation film "The Jasmine Birds" (2009).

Her artworks have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, featured on online platforms, newspapers, and books, and are part of acclaimed art collections such as the British Museum in London, Barjeel Art Foundation in Sharjah, and International Media Support (IMS) in Copenhagen.

Key Roles and Contributions

- Founder of 'Bluedar', a digital art production company based in Berlin.

- Founding member of 'Mawjat', an initiative dedicated to fostering a movement for music justice through Web3 and blockchain technology.

- Founding member of 'Every Story Matters', a project supported by Creative Europe, encouraging the creation and availability of more inclusive books for children and young adults.

- Served as a Board member of 'CIFEJ' (International Center of Film for Children and Young People) from 2012 to 2017.

- Member of the founding team of 'Spacetoon', the first Arab satellite channel for children, established in 2000.


Malsoun Dot Org: Animation TV series

Director/Scenario Writer: Sulafa Hijazi

- The Innovation award, The best animation TV series, at the first Arab radio and television Mondale in Cairo 2012.

The Jasmine Birds: Animated feature film.

Director/Scriptwriter: Sulafa Hijazi

- Golden Prize, Best Animation Film, at the 7th International children Film Festival, Bangalore, India 2012.

- Golden Prize, Best Full Length Forging Animation Film, at the 16th International Family Film Festival, Hollywood 2011.

- Golden Prize, Best Full Length Forging Animation Film, at the 16th International Family Film Festival, Hollywood 2011.

- Golden Prize, Best Full Length Animation Film, at the 24th Hamadan Children’s and Young Adults International Film Festival, Iran 2010.

- Golden Prize, Best Animation Movie, at the 6th Kazan International Film Festival for Muslim’s cinema, Russia 2010.

- Golden Prize, Best Arabic Movie, at the 20th Cairo International Family and Children’s Film Festival, Egypt 2010.

- Silver Prize, Feature Films Competition, at the 10th Rotterdam Arab Film Festival, Netherlands 2010.

- Special Mention, from the Cinema Critics and Journalists Committee, at the 6th Rotterdam Arab Film Festival, Netherlands 2010.

- Special Mention, from the International Jury, at the 5th Sicilian Film Festival in Miami, USA 2010.

The Memory Box: Kids to Kids Animation short film.

Director: Sulafa Hijazi

- Special Jury award, at the 7th Kazan International Film Festival for Muslim’s cinema, Russia 2011.

Data City: Multimedia Edutainment TV series.

Director/Chief Editor: Sulafa Hijazi

- The Golden prize, best TV program, at the Gulf Media festival, Bahrain 2006.

- The Golden prize, best TV program, at the Carthage Arab media festival, Tunis 2005.

Featured Selection of Books

Images de chair et de sang

Editor: Nibras Chehayed.

Published: 2022.



Reflections: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa.

Authors: Venetia Porter, Charles R. H. Tripp, Natasha Morris.

Published: 2020.


Animation in the Middle East

Editor: Stefanie Van de Peer.

Published: 2017.


اما بعد_edited.jpg

...أما بعد

شهادات من فنانين وفاعلين ثقافيين مستقلين

Editor: وائل قدور

Published: 2017.


Animation a world History.jpg

Animation: A World History

Author: Giannalberto Bendazzi.

Published: 2016.


Syria speaks.jpg

Syria Speaks

Art and Culture from the Frontline

EditorsMalu Halasa, Nawara Mahfoud, Zaher Omareen.

Published: 2014.


Jury Member

-Sanad, the Digital Realm Artist Grands, Ettijahat Independent Culture 2022.

-Ajyal, an Initiative to Support Art Education, Ettijahat Independent Culture 2021.

-Ca’ Foscari International Short Film Festival, Venice, Italy 2020.

-Exceptional Grants for supporting artists and writers, Almawred Cultural Recourses 2020.

-Laboratory of Art Grant, Ettijahat Independent Culture 2018.

-Souse International Film Festival for Children, Tunis 2015.

-Youth Cinefest, International Film Festival for Children, Pitist - Romania 2014.

-Anifest International Animation Festival, Czech Republic 2012.

-Isfahan International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, Iran 2011.

-Youth Animation Movie Grants, funded by the General Secretariat Of Damascus, Arab Capital of Culture 2008.

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