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سبيس تون

The First free Arabic satellite channel for children.

Launched in 2000

Sulafa Hijazi served as a founding member of the staff at Space Toon, the first free Arabic children's satellite channel, from 1999 to 2001. She held the position of Art Director, responsible for Space Toon's visual identity. Additionally, she served as a Director and Chief Editor, overseeing several multimedia educational campaigns utilizing 3D, 2D, and collage animation techniques.


In 2005, Sulafa Hijazi worked as a Creative Director for Spacetoon's visual identity makeover, creating and programming new educational and promotional campaigns, as well as supervising the launch of the Spacetoon website.


Through her studies in Dramatic literature, Sulafa Hijazi developed an interest in semi-theatrical phenomena prevalent in the Arab world, such as puppet shadow, the storyteller, and the box of wonders. These traditional narrative performance forms captivated her attention. Sulafa utilized this knowledge to reenact these semi-theatrical phenomena through some promotional items for Spacetoon. She also incorporated these forms into modern cartoon formats within some of the channel's educational messages. Her aim was to reshape the visual cultural identity vocabulary of the children for whom the station was intended.

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