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Sulafa Hijazi. Loading Exhibition

The Promised Paradise

جاري التحميل... الجنة الموعودة

Multimedia Installation 2021

12 illustrations and 2 single-channel videos viewed through anaglyph 3D glasses.

"Loading...The Promised Paradise" is a multimedia installation that includes videos and digital illustrations, viewed through Anaglyph glasses with red and blue lenses. The glasses create the illusion of depth, transforming flat shapes into almost tactile, realistic proportions.

"Perhaps the exhibition simulates the continuous growth of digital technologies and their constant attempt to transform illusions into a world as close as possible to reality. It also reflects the endeavors of major social media platforms to create a 'promised virtual paradise' or 'Metaverse' where 'everything is possible,' and where interacting with this super-virtual world becomes a spiritual practice. This practice may satisfy the constant human need to believe in a supernatural realm beyond the physical world."

  Universum, Hannover Schauspiel, Germany 2021  

Syrian Artists Sulafa Hijazi at Hannover Schauspiel

"When the 'loading' icon appears, time seems to slow down. It is the only moment when I can visually trace time, and the only space for silence and contemplation before the flood of digital content takes over once again."

'The weird people wear underwear and virtual reality glasses. They are frozen in irritating actions and yet very flexible. So they catch the viewer's eye, also thanks to the archaic 3D process.

Only so-called “anaglyph glasses” (with red and blue lenses) bring the pictures and video works by Sulafa Hijazi to life. You can read that as an ironic volte in an exhibition that revolves around the true and false life between the analog and the digital.

The exhibition has a contrasting effect: in the largely darkened room, accompanied by meditative electronic sounds and targeted lighting, it draws the eye to the essentials, namely art: Images with the clarity of classic woodcuts, with symbols of the digital and a striking feeling of society in isolation.'

Excerpts from an article by Stefan Gohlisch published in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. December 2022.

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