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Short Videos 
فيديوهات قصيرة

Drops قطرات

Animation video art 2017.

the looped video installation Drops (2017) was potent in its simplicity. Beginning with a grid of white lines on a blank background, one of the artist’s familiar mannequins falls—as though shot dead—into the frame, except it is only visible through a sub-grid, as though seen through a window. More and more bodies fall into adjacent grids, piling up in a confusingly flattened virtual space and poignantly suggesting the skewed mediatization of violence.

Noise ضجيج

360 Virtual reality video art 2018.

Move the video with your mouse or move your phone to watch the video.

The video features six news broadcasts from different channels and languages, all playing simultaneously on six virtual walls, creating an immersive and enclosed space.

Full HD Rug سجادة دقة عالية

Motion graphic video art 2018.

Artificial intelligence  ذكاء اصطناعي

Motion graphic video art 2020.

A short clip from ''Through a Window''

From a solo exhibition at Münchner kammerspiele, Munchin, Germany.

Construction  عمران

AI stable diffusion with post-production 2022

Digital cubism  تكعيبية رقمية

AI stable diffusion with post-production 2022

Animated GIF  

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