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My Arabic House
بيتي العربي

Multimedia Edutainment TV Series 2007-2008

52 episodes, 30 minutes each

Director, Chief Editor: Sulafa Hijazi

Produced by: Al Jazeera Children Channel.

Production: Tiger production- Syria.

"My Arab Home" is a multimedia production that combines real-time footage, 2D and 3D animation, puppetry, and live special effects to deliver entertaining and educational content tailored for Arabic-speaking children.


The series features a specially designed educational curriculum encompassing a diverse set of subjects that are not typically included in official curricula. It covers topics such as citizenship, economic awareness, environmental consciousness, and political understanding. These subjects are presented in a simplified manner resonating with the target age group.


The series strives to foster connections among Arabic-speaking children from different countries. It aims to showcase both the shared similarities and individual characteristics of various regions, promoting unity and cultural appreciation. Additionally, it aims to expand children's perspectives and cultivate a sense of global awareness.

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