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My World

Tokyo, Japan and Saraqep, Syria 2017

A participatory art project by: Sulafa Hijazi

The project consists of workshops that focus on global education through conceptual art practice, targeting children in Saraqep at the north of Syria and the children of Tokyo- Japan. 

The workshops enhance basic understanding about our planet earth, peace-building, conflict resolving, and communication through interactive games.

Additionally, each child creates his/her imaginary world by transferring a ball into an art piece.


Facilitators: Walid Abu Rashid, Fayhaa Alshwash, Aska Moro Kishi, Yukari.

Camera: Samir al husien, Husien Al Hasan.

Thanks: Khaldoun Al Batal, Ziad Adwan, Mitsu Tahira

produced by Kineko international children film festival in Tokyo, with the partnership of Bluedar production- Berlin, And the cooperation of Al Caravan Syria.

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