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Papaer TV

The Paper TV
 التلفزيون الورقي

Media education, filmmaking, music, and augmented reality.

Berlin, Germany 2021-2022

Gaziantep, Turkey 2022

participatory art project by Sulafa Hijazi

"The Paper TV" is a screen made of paper that can be viewed on mobile phones via an augmented reality App. During the workshops, participants create their own channels in the Paper TV using techniques such as green screen, collage, spatial effects, music, video recording, and editing. Each workshop invites a local multidisciplinary artist.

Paper TV is an interdisciplinary project between media production and augmented reality, targeting children and youth between the ages of 9 and 16. The aim of the project is to impart, develop, and support media skills, giving youth the tools to express their ideas, share their stories, and actively engage with others in a collaborative environment.

The Paper TV is a non-profit art project founded by artist Solafa Hijazi. The first series of workshops was held in Berlin, Germany, and co-developed by artist Caram Kapp.

Funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung, in cooperation with the Redi School of Digital Integration in Berlin.

The second series of workshops was held in Gaziantep, Turkey, co-developed by Kassem Abrsh.

Implemented in by Alaharah arts in partnership with Bluedar production, powered by Spaces for culture.

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