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Data City
مدينة المعلومات

Multimedia Edutainment TV Series 2004

52 episodes, 30 minutes each

Director, Chief Editor: Sulafa Hijazi

Data City.jpg

The main actions took place in a futuristic fictional Arabic city known as "Data City," where a diverse group of residents lives and interacts with each other and the local children. Within this city, there are fictional characters, including a 3D fictional alien named "Wahid," a robot called "Soap," a 3D character serving as a talking computer librarian, and other virtual personalities who coexist with real individuals.

Among the dramatic life scenes that unfold in Data City, each episode contains a variety of educational segments in different forms such as 2D and 3D animations, puppets, documentary films, and dance performances.

The educational program's curriculum has been crafted to cater to the needs of modern children in the era of globalization, aiming to provide them with the essential skills and knowledge required to approach both global and local cultures critically, effectively, and with an open-minded perspective.


Golden Prize, Best TV Program, Gulf Media Festival, Bahrain 2006.

Golden Prize, Best TV Program, Tunisia Arab Media Festival, Tunis 2005.


Golden Prize, Best TV Program, Cairo Arab Media Festival, Cairo 2005.

Produced by: Gulf Cooperation Council, Joint Program Production Institution.

Production: Tiger production - Syria.

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